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How to Shop at KidSmart

  • To be eligible to shop, teachers must be a full-time, certified teacher with his or her own classroom, at one of our enrolled schools. Art, Music and P.E. teachers are also eligible since materials are donated specifically for those areas. Personnel not eligible to shop include: Instructional Assistants, Interns, Student Teachers, Tutors, In School Suspension Teachers, Visiting Teachers, ESL Teachers, Reading Teachers, Gifted Teachers, Counselors, Custodians, and Office and Cafeteria staff.
  • Teachers may shop one time per month July through May.
  • Each teacher shopping through an Enrolled Shopping School or 100% Club School must volunteer one 3 hour shift during the school year in order to shop.
  • Each teacher participating in the Volunteer to Shop Program must volunteer one 3 hour shift for each shopping trip, prior to taking the shopping trip. This process can be repeated up to one time each month, August through May.
  • Teachers can shop for one hour, final check-out time begins 10 minutes before shopping shift end.
  • Sign-in at the front desk. A photo ID, such as a school ID badge or driver's license is required to shop. NO EXCEPTIONS will be made.
  • Because our space is limited, please do not bring a shopping companion or children to the store.
  • Please observe and respect limits on all products.  When taking unlimited product, please take only what you need for your classroom.
  • All items are for student and classroom use only. Everything you take must be used in your classroom for the benefit of your students
  • Your thank you notes help keep our shelves filled. So, please be sure to do your homework.
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