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Volunteer to Shop Program

Teachers who teach at schools that are not on the KidSmart Enrolled Shopping Schools List may be eligible for the Volunteer to Shop Program. This program allows eligible teachers to volunteer three hours per month in exchange for one shopping trip at KidSmart.  Please note this program is limited to the schools on KidSmart's current list of Volunteer to Shop Schools.

Who Can Volunteer To Shop?

To be eligible to shop at KidSmart, teachers must:

  • Be state-certified
  • Teach full-time
  • Be self-contained classroom teachers
    • A self-contained classroom also includes general education teachers such as P.E., Music, and Art, because these teachers teach every child in the school. Principals, vice principals, counselors, nurses, librarians, custodians, ISS teachers, and support staff members are not eligible to shop.
  • Have their own classroom with students
  • Teach in a school that is part of an organized school system or school district.
    • Examples of schools that are not eligible for KidSmart services include:
      • Day care centers
      • Home schools
      • After school programs
      • Independent, charter, private or parochial schools that are not affiliated with an organized educational system or school district.

How Can Teachers Participate?

Eligible teachers must attend a volunteer orientation at KidSmart and provide a letter on school letterhead, signed by the principal that states the following:

  • The teacher's name
  • That the teacher is state-certified and teaching full-time
  • The teacher's teaching assignment
  • This letter must be updated each school year.

Once teachers have completed the orientation and turned in a letter they may begin volunteering. Volunteer shifts are available Tuesday through Thursday from 3:30p.m.-6:30 p.m.  and Saturday from 7:30-10:30a.m., 9:30am-12:30p.m.

After completing a volunteer shift teachers receive a coupon to shop anytime that month. Shopping hours, Tuesday-Thursday from 3:00-6:00 p.m. (must be checked in by 5:30) and Saturday from 8:00a.m. - 2:00p.m. (must be checked in by 1:30).


When are the Next Volunteer to Shop Orientation Sessions?

Volunteer to Shop Orientation Sessions are held at the KidSmart Free Store.  2015-2016 orientation dates will be coming soon. Please email Elke at for more information. 




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